Thanksgiving Weekend

Happy Thanksgiving! My heart is full this weekend… My turkey dinner started off playing card games and having passionate conversations surrounding politics…..Trudeau and Trump (I think it was the vino). As we waited for the turkey to get golden brown, we played a plethora of card games and watched the Toronto Blue Jays get through … More Thanksgiving Weekend

Happy Friday!

Man oh man… the last couple of weeks have been quite busy and deadlines are sharper then ever. This post goes out to everyone who hustles hard and needs a reminder to just breathe and enjoy being present. Lately, I have not had the time to work on my yoga practice or be “present”. I’ve … More Happy Friday!

Buzz Fuel!

So many people ask me how I have so much energy and why I am so positive in the morning? I say, it’s coffee! But not just any coffee, good french press BOLD coffee. I’m serious guys, I can’t get started on my day without my first cup of joe and the ten minutes it … More Buzz Fuel!

Best Deodorant Ever!

Piperwai  As a young woman who is always looking for healthier products, I have stumbled across something that has changed my life and daily routine. I know that natural deodorant has a reputation for not being effective and can also leave a sticky residue, but this product from New York, called Piperwai uses charcoal and natural ingredients … More Best Deodorant Ever!

Happy Sunday!

As I sat in silence and stillness during my yoga mediation today, I felt compelled to wish you all a Happy Sunday! It is so easy to get caught up in all the sadness and negative vibes that this big, big world is filled with (just turn on CNN news), but today I want to … More Happy Sunday!

Pyramid Planters

So one of my favourite hobbies is gardening, especially this time of year. I don’t know what it is but there’s just something about getting in touch with mother nature that gives me peace of mind and solace. This year, I tried something new and started my very own herb pyramid. It is super easy … More Pyramid Planters

I’m back!

The time has come to share my next chapter in life…let me personally welcome you to my lifestyle blog. Some of you will recognize me from the national television show Canadian Idol, Season 3 (2005). Since then, I have been working, travelling and continuing my journey of self discovery. Somewhere in the mix of things, I … More I’m back!